Re:Ciclos is a Los Angeles-based project that recycles landfill-bound steel bicycles and redirects them into the hands of youth who redesign, re-fabricate and assemble them into cargo bicycles that are then distributed to communities, individuals, organizations and/or businesses that will use them in their everyday endeavors.

Jimmy Lizama is the Original “Cook” (volunteer) of the Bicycle Kitchen, as he founded it in the literal kitchen of a disused single apartment at the Los Angeles Eco Village in 2003.  He has been a bike messenger for over 15 years, never owned a car and strives to continually overturn car culture in order to give L.A. back to the humans and the animals that inhabit it’s vast and beautiful environment.



Re:Ciclos seeks to empower both students by offering an educational platform that puts their creations to work in their own communities as well as empower cargo bike recipients to use a healthier mode of transportation.  On both ends, Los Angeles is improved, empowered and re-imagined as a place for human mobility and a healthier lifestyle instead of a place to store cars and worsen the prospects for quality of life.



Re:Ciclos is a project born out of the urban cycling movement in Los Angeles.  It was conceived out of need and desire to see more Angelinos gain access to mediums that would help them transform their city into a healthier, more fun, safer and cleaner place for humans to express themselves where they work, live and play.





Calo Youth Build Cargo Bike

Cargo bikes do not solve all the problems of urban plight, but they certainly take big strides in the right direction in addressing the ills that have caused so much damage to Los Angeles, and many cities around the world, for nearly a century.  We believe that if iconic L.A. can do this, so too can other great metropolises espouse an ethic that upholds a welcoming and responsible future for those who come after us:  our children.


workingonbikesRe:Ciclos empowers both its students and recipients of cargo bicycles to directly address these negative consequences in our city through direct action.

The positive effects of the Re:Ciclos project:

>Youth education and empowerment

>Replaces car trips with more bicycle trips

>General improvement of the physical environment by mitigating pollution

>Assists in traffic congestion reduction

>Greatly improves the health of those utilizing cargo bicycles through regular exercise

>Creation of more hospitable social environment for humans by providing safer streets

>Redirects bicycles bound for a landfill by reusing them in creating affordable and clean vehicles

>Engages a new narrative for the future of mobility in Los Angeles that is low-cost, green and accessible to its diverse communities

By educating its youth to take control of its transportation modes, Re:Ciclos tools the future with mobility alternatives that are healthy, viable and mitigate global pollution and closes negative and damaging consumer cycles.  The Los Angeles that Re:Ciclos envisions is filled with bicycle trips and infrastructure, healthy citizens, safe streets for all and a physical environment that starts the healing process rather than continuing to feed the cancerous effects of car culture.

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“Thank you to our sponsors for kindly donating to our fundraiser!!!”

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